Guelph Bridge Club

GBC -  House Policies

1. Game Times 2. Entrance 3. Parking
4. Emergency Exit 5. Coat Room 6. Library
7. Playing Area 8. Perfume 9. Smoking
10. Refreshments 11. Telephone and Cell Phones 12. Volunteers
13. 14. Newspaper Results 15. Need a Partner?
16. ZeroTolerance 17. Your Help is Appreciated!  

1. Game Times

Morning 9:00 a.m.
Afternoon 1:00 p.m.
Evening 7:00 p.m.

Playing sessions, which last about three hours, start promptly. Please arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the start time. This will allow you time to hang up your coat, register with the director, pick up a beverage, convention card, pencil, etc., enjoy visiting friends and confer with your partner.
Please ensure that you are seated and ready for announcements and play with five minutes to spare.

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2. Entrance
Please use our entrance with the orange awning, located in the centre of the frontage on Imperial Road. The recessed doorway to the south is an emergency exit only.

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3. Parking
We have 35 reserved parking spaces as follows:

18 spaces at the front (east) of the building;

2 handicapped spaces at the southeast corner;

7 parallel spaces on the south side;

8 angled spaces on the north side, between Metso and Teutech parking.

Overflow parking is to the rear (west) of the building. In the evening, you may also park in the angled spaces on the west side reserved for Teutech or in 10 additional Metso spaces; the first 2 spaces are always reserved for Metso. Whenever possible, please car pool.

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4. Emergency Exits
In case of emergency -remain calm- and exit through the marked EXIT doors in the main playing area and entrance vestibule. If these doors are blocked, additional exits are located at the end of the hallway and in the kitchen area.

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5. Coat Room
For safety and cleaning reasons, we ask that you leave all wet or soiled footwear on the mats provided. During winter months, we recommend that you bring a pair of indoor shoes. In addition to storing coats and boots, this room also contains nametags and our lost-and-found basket.

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6. Library
Members are welcome to borrow from our wonderful selection of bridge books and fiction. If you have books to donate, please leave them in the container provided.

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7. Playing Area
The bulletin boards contain updated information about our games, courses and workshops, as well as other local and regional bridge events and tips for your game. Please take time each week to look them over. Help yourself to pencils, convention cards and team league sheets available on the metal shelf unit. Other supplies and cleaning materials are stored in the closet to the left of the men's room.

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8. Perfume
In consideration for those who have sensitivities, we ask that you refrain from wearing heavily scented perfumes, colognes or lotions.

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9. Smoking
Smoking is not permitted inside the club at any time. Should you choose to smoke, we ask that you remain at least 20 feet away from any doorway and dispose of your waste in the receptacle provided. Please be respectful of the property.

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10. Refreshments
Spring water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate are complimentary. Cold juices and soft drinks are available in our little fridge for $1.00 each; individual bottles of water for $0.50 each. Please deposit money in the container provided. Wrapped candies are also provided. We ask that you use your side table (not the card table) for all beverages and place your used glasses and mugs in the bins provided. Please enjoy all other food away from our cards and playing area.

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11. Telephone and Cell Phones
Feel free to use the telephone located in our office for any local calls. As a courtesy to others, please turn off your cell phone ringer.

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12. Volunteers
Your understanding and assistance make the club function. Most players help at the club on a volunteer basis. An easy way to help is with the game set-up chores, which require only about 20 minutes before and after the game. There are many other opportunities to volunteer; please check the volunteer sheet to see how you can help.

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Our website is a convenient way to find out what is going on at the club: you will see information about games, courses and events, and even our bylaws. Players especially enjoy the quick links to the results for each game and hand records for sanctioned games, available by the time you arrive home. Check it frequently for updates and announcements, which are also e-mailed at your request.

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14. Newspaper Results
Results are no longer published in the newspaper since the The Guelph Mercury no longer exists.

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15. Need a Partner?
You will find a phone list of our current members at the club. Please use it to find a partner before a game. If you are unable to make a connection on your own, come out and we will pair you with another player. You are always guaranteed a game!

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16. Zero Tolerance
It is essential that all players conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly manner with consideration for the rights of fellow players. In order to encourage proper conduct and cooperation, the club may impose discipline, up to and including dismissal. If you have any concerns in this regard, please speak to your game director or contact one of our board directors. Be cool! Bridge is fun.

While playing, please remember to:

Greet opponents in a friendly manner.

Encourage new and beginning players.

Congratulate good bidding and play.

Call the director whenever there is a concern.

Please do NOT:
Use profanity or make any negative gestures.
Give gratuitous lessons or analysis of hands.
Argue with the game director.

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17. Your Help is Appreciated!
When the session is over, please take a few moments to:

Close your bidding box and place it on your side table.

Straighten your table, tablecloth and side table and wipe off any stains.

Slide chairs up to the card table.

Please stack the boards in numerical order, then return them and the table card to the directors table. Please place your Bridgemate in the case.

Place used glasses and mugs in the bins provided.

Return pencils to their container.

Dispose of candy wrappers, etc.

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