Guelph Bridge Club

About Us

Board of Directors
2023- 2024

Tom Ramsay

Set the agenda for all meetings. Effect strict adherence to the Bylaws and Club rules. Effect all orders and resolutions of the Board. Serve as ex-officio member of all committees. Appoint all Committee Chairs in consultation with the Board members.

Vice President:

Assist the President in his or her duties. Act as President in the absence of the President, exercising the powers and duties of that office.

Pat Fung   

Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions of the Club. Report on the financial condition of the Club at each Board Meeting. Present a report at the Annual Membership Meeting covering the Club's financial status and major transactions of the previous year. Present the following year's budget at the Annual Membership  Meeting.

Patrice Baker

Give notice of all Board and Members meetings. Record the minutes at all Board and Members meetings.
Maintain records of Board and Members meetings and financial reports. Maintain the legal documents of the Club.

Tom Ramsay
Chairs meetings of the Board of Directors and Members meetings.

Head Director, Dealers contact:
Sharon Barry

Supervise direction and staffing of the games and schedule approved by the Board. Ensure consistency in the style and format of games of each type. ACBL Liaison.

Club Manager:
Thea Davis

Supervise the operation and management of the Club facilities, equipment and records.

Education Committee:
Peter Wright

Plan and implement bridge education programs.

Brenda Coomber

Produce and distribute the newsletter.

Social Committee:
Elizabeth Miller

Organize all social activities for the club.

Karen Whitworth

Upkeep and Improvement of Facilities.