Guelph Bridge Club

Guelph Bridge Club is a non-profit, membership-run club serving the bridge needs of Guelph and surrounding communities.

LEARN, PLAY and ENJOY the many facets of the world's greatest card game!
We have games and lessons for players of all levels.

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We provide:
* Bright, comfortable facilities
* Guaranteed play
* ACBL Sanctioned games
* Hand Records
* Novice game
* Stress-free lessons
* Full accessibility
* Free parking
* Free hot beverages
* Lending library

To download a membership application form, please click here

No Practice Lab Friday Dec. 14th
          The Friday morning practice lab for Fri. Dec. 14th is cancelled.
Ridesharing to the Guelph Bridge Club
          To register for ridesharing to the Guelph Bridge Club, please click here.  As people register, information will be available in the members' area of the website.
          The new landlord, Bamco, requires 50 parking spots for its employees.  Bamco working hours are 6:00 AM to 2:30 PM Monday through Friday.  The current estimate for the total number of spots at 644 Imperial is 72.  Six spots are assigned to the other tenant, Competent, leaving 16 for the Bridge Club.  We need 60 spots of our own.  Click here to submit your suggestions.  Thank you, Pat
Christmas Parties
          Christmas Bridge the next party will be on Friday December 14th (starting at noon). The game on the 14th will be an individual game for the 499 section. Standard American yellow card will be used. The open section will be a regular pairs game. There is no extra charge for this party, just the regular table fee.
To register to attend the Christmas party on Friday the 14th, please click here.
Youth Bridge
          For information on Youth Bridge, please click here.
Education Courses
          To view the brochure for the Fall 2018 courses, please click here. Details of the Fall 2018 education courses are available here.
Emergency Contact Information
          To provide your emergency contact information, please click here.
          To read the current newsletter, please click here. To view the current newsletter as a pdf, please click here.
Friday Afternoon Open Section
          The pairs open section will continue on Friday afternoon as long as there are at least 3 tables. There are no masterpoint restrictions for this section. Until the numbers are consistently over 3 tables we ask you to pre-register to play in this section either by signing at the Club or emailing Pat - We will hold the Friday session for an open team game as long as there are 4 pairs. Preregistration is still required.
Wednesday Afternoon 299er section
          There is no longer a need to preregister for the Wednesday afternoon 299 game. We however ask that you come with a partner as we cannot guarantee a partner for the game.