Guelph Bridge Club

Guelph Bridge Club is a non-profit, membership-run club serving the bridge needs of Guelph and surrounding communities.

LEARN, PLAY and ENJOY the many facets of the world's greatest card game!
We have games and lessons for players of all levels.

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We provide:
* Bright, comfortable facilities
* Guaranteed play
* ACBL Sanctioned games
* Hand Records
* Novice game
* Stress-free lessons
* Full accessibility
* Free parking
* Free hot beverages
* Lending library

To download a membership application form, please click here

Donations and payments to the club
          If you would like to make a donation or pay for a workshop, please send an e-transfer to or a cheque payable to The Guelph Bridge Club c/o Neil McLaren, 404-24 Marilyn Drive, Guelph, ON N1H 8E9. Many thanks for supporting the club.
Important message for those playing on Bridge Base Online
          BBO has made some changes to their platform, to cope with the huge influx of people playing online. Effectively they have split BBO onto two servers.
Those playing somewhere in the Main Bridge club are on one server and those in Tournaments are on another.
What does this mean ?
* If you are playing in a tournament, you will no longer see a list of online players who are your friends who are playing in the Main Bridge Club
* If you are playing with robots, friends or solitaire (or similar) while waiting for our event to start you will not be automatically taken to your tournament any more
* If you are trying to start a set game with your friends, ask them to click the Casual button before sending them invitations to join your table. If you are in Casual and they are on the main BBO site, they will not receive your invitations.
So it is important for those wanting to play in tournaments that you do the following:
1. stop playing anything elsewhere at least 10 minutes before the tournament starts
2. Click on Competitive to be on the right server. This will ensure you are automatically taken to the tournament
Virtual Games at the Club
          The club will be holding some more BBO virtual tournaments this week. For the schedule, please click here.
Fee is 5 BB$ for each game. To be eligible to play in these games, you need to have played at the Cambridge, Grand River or Guelph clubs in the past year.
If you haven't played on BBO before, browse the site, play with the robots, with friends or just join a table for fun.
For more information on registering to play in these games, please click here. Information on viewing the boards you played is available here.
Guelph Bridge Club Temporarily Closed
          Due to the current public health crisis, the Guelph Bridge Club will suspend activities until further notice.
Youth Bridge
          For information on Youth Bridge, please click here.
Emergency Contact Information
          To provide your emergency contact information, please click here.
          To view the current newsletter, please click here.