Guelph Bridge Club

Guelph bridge club

Guelph Bridge Club is a non-profit, membership-run club serving the bridge needs of Guelph and surrounding communities.

LEARN, PLAY and ENJOY the many facets of the world's greatest card game!
We have games and lessons for players of all levels.

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We provide:

* Bright, comfortable facilities
* ACBL Sanctioned games
* Hand Records
* Novice games
* Stress-free lessons
* Full accessibility
* Free parking
* Free hot beverages
* Lending library

To download a membership application form, please click here
To fill out a membership application online, please click here

Guelph Local Sectional March 16 - 17
        There will be a local sectional at the club March 16 - 17. For more information and a registration form, please click here.
STaC results
        The overall results for the February STaC are available here.
Winter 2024 Courses
        The updated list of courses for winter 2024 is available here. To register for a course, please click here. The list of Barbara Seagram Resources that are available at the club may be viewed here.
Tuesday Afternoon Game
        The NLM section will no longer be offered on Tuesday afternoons. Only the 199 pairs game will be offered.
Mentoring Games Thursday Afternoons
        Mentoring games will continue every other Thursday at 1:00 pm. If you are interested in playing, either as a Mentor or as a Mentee, please email Pat Fung ( We would like at least 3 tables to make the game viable.
8 is Enough Swiss Teams
        8 is Enough Swiss Teams will continue every second Thursday at 1:00 pm at the club.
199 Section on Wednesday Afternoons
        The 199 section will continue to be offered on Wednesday afternoons at 1:00 pm. This section will run in addition to the usual Wednesday afternoon Open section. If you wish to play in the Wednesday 0-199 section you must register in advance with Rob MacKinnon ( If fewer than 6 pairs have registered by Tuesday evening, the section will be cancelled and Rob will contact any registered players to advise them that there will be no 199 section.
BBO Online Game Schedule
        The Guelph Bridge Club and Grand River Bridge Club have expanded the pool for their games to include London and Owen Sound. This is an effort to keep online games vibrant now that people have returned to live play.
On BBO, you do not need to go to the "All Clubs" section of Virtual clubs, although these games will also be listed there. Players from these pooled clubs, we will also see these games listed in Virtual Clubs/ACBL-North America, which is the button at the top of the page that most people use.
GBC and GRBC know that there is a large group of bridge players who continue to enjoy playing online and we do not want them to drift to the bigger games south of the border. Hopefully the attached calendar of our online offerings will encourage people to choose to support local games, so we can grow our online table counts to a healthy level.
The current schedule of online games is available here.
A new website from ACBL
        Check out a new website from ACBL.
Monthly Birthday Game
        There is now a monthly Birthday Game, to be held the second Saturday of every month at 1 pm. The game is open to all, but any member whose birthday is that month will have a free play. There is also a birthday cake and a picture of birthday people for the newsletter. Please mark your calendar and we look forward to seeing all the birthday people on the second Saturday of each month. Please contact Sharon Barry for more information
Results for Non-sanctioned games
          To view the results for a non-sanctioned game, please click here.
Please renew, or start, your membership.
                  Each September we collect membership fees which are an important factor in sustaining our club. Annual membership fee of $70 is due September 1st. You can pay by e-transfer to: or by cheque payable to the Guelph Bridge Club. Cheques may be mailed to The Guelph Bridge Club c/o Paul Radigan, 95 Flaherty Drive, Guelph, ON N1K 1Y7. New members receive a complimentary name tag. Replacement tags are $15.00. Members pay a $8.00 fee to play games, whereas non-members pay $10.00 per game. A membership form is available online. This form may be used to apply as a new member, or to update your contact info if you're already a member. To use the form, please click here.
Return to Live Bridge at the Club
          Masks are no longer mandatory at the Guelph Bridge Club. However, a few of our members have health concerns and may ask players to wear masks at their table. If this occurs, please be considerate and wear a mask that round. If you didn't bring one, we'll be glad to give you one.
Attendance at our face to face games has been growing and we're pleased to announce some things to make your return to the club even more enjoyable. We're now serving coffee and tea at the games and lots of special events are planned. We look forward to seeing more and more of you at the club.
The Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon games at the club start at 1:00 pm and there are 499er and Open sections for each. There is also a 199er game Tuesdays at 1 pm. To see the current schedule of games, please click here.
Membership Applications
        A membership application form is now available online. This form may be used to apply as a new member, to renew your membership or to update your contact info if you're already a member. To use the form, please click here.
Donations and payments to the club
          If you would like to make a donation or payment to the club, please send an e-transfer to or a cheque payable to The Guelph Bridge Club c/o Paul Radigan, 95 Flaherty Drive, Guelph, ON N1K 1Y7. Many thanks for supporting the club.
Emergency Contact Information
          To provide your emergency contact information, please click here.