Guelph Bridge Club

Guelph Bridge Club is a non-profit, membership-run club serving the bridge needs of Guelph and surrounding communities.

LEARN, PLAY and ENJOY the many facets of the world's greatest card game!
We have games and lessons for players of all levels.

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We provide:
* Bright, comfortable facilities
* Guaranteed play
* ACBL Sanctioned games
* Hand Records
* Novice game
* Stress-free lessons
* Full accessibility
* Free parking
* Free hot beverages
* Lending library

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North American Pairs Qualifying Games
          Some of our games in June, July and August will be North American Pairs qualifying games. These games award half red/half black masterpoints. The NAP event has been a major ACBL pairs championship since 1979 and was originally known as the Grand National Pairs. This grassroots event is staged in qualifying rounds at the club, unit and district levels. It culminates in a final held in conjunction with the 2019 Spring NABC, in Memphis. The contest is run as a flighted event: Flight A (Open), Flight B (fewer than 2500 masterpoints as of the June 2018 masterpoint cycle) and Flight C (Non-Life Master with fewer than 500 masterpoints as of June 2018). The dates for the NAP qualifying games at our club are: June 4, 12 (EVE), 20, 29, July 11, 13, 23, 24 (EVE) and August 7 (EVE), 13, 17, 29. There is an extra fee of $1 for these games.
Volunteer Appreciation Lunch and Game
          There will be a volunteer appreciation lunch and game at the Club on June 16th starting at 11:30. Please reply to the email Isabelle sent out to all volunteers if you will be attending.
Education Courses
          Details of the Spring 2018 education courses are available here.
Emergency Contact Information
          To provide your emergency contact information, please click here.
          To read the current newsletter, please click here. To view the current newsletter as a pdf, please click here.
Friday Afternoon Open Section
          The pairs open section will continue on Friday afternoon as long as there are at least 3 tables. There are no masterpoint restrictions for this section. Until the numbers are consistently over 3 tables we ask you to pre-register to play in this section either by signing at the Club or emailing Pat - We will hold the Friday session for an open team game as long as there are 4 pairs. Preregistration is still required.
Wednesday Afternoon 299er section
          The pairs 299er game on Wednesday afternoon will continue in conjunction with the Wednesday Open game, starting February 7, 2018 as long as there are 3 full tables. Each person must find his/her own partner. The Club will not guarantee a partner for this game. If there are only 4 pairs, the game will be a Home Style Swiss team game. If there are more than 4 pairs and less than 6 pairs, ie 5 pairs, 1 pair will have to play in the Open game and the 4 pairs will play in the 299er Swiss team game. If there are less than 4 pairs, there will be no 299er game. If there is a half table in the 299er game the Director has the option to move a pair to the open game to avoid sit-outs in both sections. To avoid confusion at the director's desk, the last pair to physically arrive will play in the Open game if no pair willingly volunteers to move to the Open game. Preregistration is a condition of having the Wednesday 299er game. Registration must occur by 4:00 PM the Monday immediately preceding the Wednesday game. The sign up sheet will be on the desk in the director's area.